Smart backend for mobile and web applications.

Focus on creating amazing user experiences. Forget about server-side pain. Add our cloud backend services to your app and start saving and searching for data. Edit and push contents. Deploy and publish resources to the web.

Check out our tutorial and immediately create your first SpaceDog application backend for free.
Getting Started

Forget about Servers

SpaceDog offers all the backend services you might need. No more server to install, configure, backup, restore, administrate or monitor. This is done by us and we are good at it.

Develop 2x Faster

This is pretty simple. Less time spent on server side headaches. More time spent on the design, the user experience and the true business features of your applications.

SpaceDog is Elastic

From one to millions of users, your SpaceDog backend will answer requests with high performances. SpaceDog is fully elastic. It adds resources to your applications when demand is high. And you only pay for what you really use.

Smart Back Office

Develop your applications. We provide the back office. Browse and edit your application’s data. Add, edit and push contents. Rollback when necessary. Easily create your own graphical reports on data or usage.

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